The 4 most prestigious master scholarships in the United States in 2021

With advanced schooling and the world’s leading economy, the United States has all the conditions in place to give birth to dreams for many young people around the world. You may be foreign students, students, or recent university graduates. One of the most common programs is studying for an American Master’s degree. Here is a list of four scholarships to study for a Master’s degree in the United States that are highly valuable and prestigious, and are well worth the effort to apply for.

Harvard University MBA Scholarship

·       Education level: Master

·       Type: School scholarship

·       Support: Part of tuition fee, travel fee

The Harvard Business Administration Program is one of the world’s leading business programs, taught at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship is given out twice a year for a two-year program at Harvard Business School. Subsequent scholarships for the class will be awarded beginning in the fall of 2019.

The following are the evaluation requirements for this Master’s scholarship in the United States:

·       Candidates must have strong academic credentials. While scholarships may be awarded to candidates from any country, candidates of Lebanese descent will be given preference.

·       Candidates will apply for the scholarship after being accepted into the Harvard MBA program.

·       Scholarship worth:

Tuition assistance is valued at US $ 90,000 (US $ 45,000 per year).

·       Study-related travel and lodging expenses

·       The Global Leaders Scholarship, George University

Education level: Master and Doctor

·       Type: school scholarship

·       Support: subsidies for books, documents, living expenses, other related expenses

·       Target audience: international students

The University of Washington is one of the ten oldest schools in the United States as well as the state of Maryland, having been in operation for 225 years. The 1:12 model is used in the school’s classrooms (1 teacher and 12 students). As a result, the school’s professors have a very good understanding of each student’s needs and are committed to each student’s success upon graduation. Graduates of Washington University have a greater opportunity to study at top universities in the United States, including Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Cornell University, Yale University, Princeton University, Georgetown University, and the University of Virginia.

Dynamics and Controls Lab – Mechanical Engineering Department – South Dakota State University

·       Education level: Master, Doctor

·       Type: School scholarship

·       Support: Tuition fee waiver, monthly allowance

Doctoral (preferred) and Master’s degrees: Scholarships are available in the fields of robotics and control.

The scholarship includes monthly grants and tuition waivers for the entire duration of study. Applicants should have experience and skills in robot design and / or control engineering.

The value of this Master’s scholarship in the US is:

·       Full tuition waiver

·       Monthly allowance

The Fulbright US-ASEAN Visiting Scholar Initiative

·       Education level: Bachelor, Postgraduate, Master, Doctor

·       Type: Exchange scholarships

·       Support: living expenses, airline tickets, research allowance

The Fulbright Scholar Exchange Program between the United States and ASEAN member countries is open to university faculty, diplomatic personnel, government departments, private sector professionals, research institutes, and non-governmental organizations in Vietnam or ASEAN member countries.

Selected candidates will come to the United States for 3-4 months of academic or professional study on issues that are significant and useful to ASEAN Member States as well as important to US-ASEAN relations. Topics for research must try to deepen a candidate’s awareness of one or more dimensions of US-ASEAN relations.

While the majority of their time in the United States will be spent on studying, the program allows scholars to use this time to expand professional relationships and retain these relationships even after the course ends. Furthermore, the program anticipates scholars to share their perspectives on ASEAN through visiting lectures, technical seminars, or related seminars. The program encourages applicants to contact US academic institutions in advance, such as colleges, policy institutes, and research institutes, and to include invites from those receiving agencies in their submission. These invitations will assist the program in determining the best school/institution for the chosen applicant.

The following are the eligibility requirements for this scholarship:

·       Are university lecturers, or employees / specialists of government departments or agencies, or specialists in private sectors / research institutes / non-governmental organizations whose work is linked to the US-ASEAN relationship.

·       Candidates that have made excellent contributions to scholarly or technical science.

·       Candidates must be citizens of one of the ten ASEAN countries and fluent in English. Priority will be provided to applicants who meet the qualifications but have no prior experience living, studying, or working in the United States.

·       Candidates must be residents of an ASEAN member country during the program’s application and selection process.

·       After the program in the United States concludes, candidates must return to the ASEAN member country where they applied.

The candidate is not eligible if:

·       If you are currently teaching, researching, or doing research in the United States, or if you have earned a Fulbright scholarship during the last five years.

·       Over the last two years, has been given a US visa category J through the Professor / Research Scholar exchange programs.

The value of the Fulbright scholarship:

·       Living costs range from US $ 2,710 to US $ 3,145 / month, depending on city / state in the US

·       Round-trip economy class ticket

·       1,250 USD for the stabilization of accommodation and working conditions

·       US $ 3,000 for laboratory and research costs (if necessary)

·       There is no financial support for dependents to follow

Studying for a Master’s degree in the United States is an excellent option for those who have completed their bachelor’s degree but are unsure about their future. The top Master’s scholarships in the United States are mentioned above. If you are interested in and preparing to study in the United States after graduate school, or if you are concerned about the cost of studying in the United States, please consult more specific details and choose the right path for yourself!

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact reputable American study abroad consulting agencies such as USIS Educcation, AMEC, EF, and so on.